7 November 2023

IFMA Podcast for ISO 41000 series


A recent Connected FM podcast by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) focused on the ISO 41000 series of FM standards: Connected FM: ISO 41000 FM standards

This podcast with ISO/TC 267’s Chair, Duncan Waddell and US Member, Adam Thordarson discusses the intricacies of these FM standards, shedding light on the strategic elements, tactical approaches, and operational delivery to help empower FM professionals to seamlessly align with the demands of their organizations while ensuring their facilities pursue best practices.

International Standards offer practical solutions and support a shared vision for a better world.

For more information and how to get involved, please contact: duncan@fmint.com.au




31 October 2023

Review of ISO 41001:2018 commences

In line with ISO’s systematic review protocols, ISO 41001:2018, our Management Systems Standard (MSS) for Facility Management (FM) is now up for its 5-year review.

Stan Mitchell and Nicholas Burt have recently been appointed as Convenor and Project Lead respectively for ISO/TC 267’s newly formed Working Group 9 (WG9).

The review process will involve looking for input via comment and critique regarding how this leading international FM standard can be improved, making it more relevant and readily understood, to both Demand Organizations and FM Organizations alike. FM professionals are responsible for delivering added-value support to a wide variety of interested parties and core business activities across our built environment.





14 October 2023

World Standards Day 2023 celebrations

ISO envisions a world that is better, fairer, and more sustainable, prioritising the well-being and health of all people. The ISO has made a commitment to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by developing and publishing international standards that help organizations implement sustainable practices. International Standards offer practical solutions we can all stand behind. By using international standards, you can become a part of the solution.





04 August 2023

Dutch Ministry of Defence certified to ISO 41001

An interview with Ian van der Pool (IP)

At the ISO/TC 267 Plenary Meeting and CIB W070 Conference in Trondheim, Norway we caught up with Ian van der Pool of the Dutch Ministry of Defence / Support Command / Servicepunt to hear about their ISO 41000 series of FM standards adoption journey.



04 August 2023

ISO/TC 267 Plenary, Advisory / Working Groups and

World FM Day 2023, Trondheim Norway

An update from the ISO/TC 267 Chair

During the week of 8 – 12 May 2023, Standards Norge hosted Technical Committee 267 (ISO/TC 267) at its first ‘face-to-face’ meetings since November 2019. Our time together involved our Plenary Meeting, multiple TC 267 Advisory Group (AG) and Working Group (WG) meetings, participation in the CIB W070 Congress, and the celebration of World FM Day 2023 with the theme of ‘Making a real difference’ all conducted during the same week.



3 May 2023

28410 ISO TC 267 World FM Day logo block_V2_C_retangular.jpg

World FM Day 2023

On the 10th May 2023, members of ISO/TC 267 Facility Management, will be celebrating World FM Day at a Congress held in conjunction with Members of CIB W070 in Trondheim, Norway. The theme for 2023 is FM: Making a Real Difference.

This Congress will be celebrating how FM is Making a Real Difference through the development of ISO Standards focused on FM, coupled with the research and education of FM topics around the world.

The celebration will continue over the week with the TC 267 Plenary, Working and Advisory Group meetings as well as the CIB W070 conference. This is the first ‘face-to-face’ Plenary in over 3 years and registrations are strong. We will also be welcoming virtual attendees as well. 

As ISO/TC 267 Chair, I would like to celebrate and recognize two specific outcomes in FM. 

Firstly, join me in celebrating the FM professionals, practitioners and industry for their incredible efforts to ‘Making a Real Difference’ in supporting all people and their interfaces and utilization of our built environment worldwide. Whether your built environment is where you work or live or participate in life in general, there is always an FM’er who is silently ensuring the best possible outcomes. 

Secondly, I also celebrate the ISO FM experts of TC 267 who devote their time, skill and experience to ensure that the best definitions and frameworks of FM practice for people and their interface with the built environment. The ISO/TC 267 successful endeavors have been, and continue, through the ongoing development of the FM Standards and Technical Reports available providing guidance for the wide range of FM skills required for the professional management that defines the world of FM today. 

I encourage everyone involved in FM to celebrate the real differences that your team are making for the people who rely on you and the FM functions you support and deliver.

FM: Making a Real Difference

Duncan Waddell
ISO/TC 267 Chair


10 April 2023

Roadmap to the future for FM

ISO/TC 267 focuses on providing FM professionals with practical guidance and methodologies to enhance the value that they can deliver to the organizations they serve. To date, the group has delivered seven (7) documents and has five (5) more under development. To learn more about ISO/TC 267’s current body of work, both published and in progress, [click here].

Roadmap to the Future for FM Update


26 March 2023

New Standard launched:

ISO 41015:2023 Facility management — Influencing organizational behaviors for improved facility outcomes


ISO 41015 has been released as a welcome addition to the ISO 41000 series of facility management (FM) standards, and is available at: ISO 41015:2023 Facility Management — Influencing organizational behaviors for improved facility outcomes.

This project has been the result of several years of work by experts from across the globe, designed to address the needs of the Demand Organization and the desires of the facility occupants.  The standard is written in a continuous improvement format and provides a recommended process to set goals for the FM organization to serve stakeholders, develop an action plan that will meet the goals, and then to measure the results of the action plan versus user responses.  A facility improvement plan can then be developed in response to the inputs received, and the process to begin again.

A standard of this kind which seeks to align the benefits and opportunities that innovative FM offers the Demand Organization in a transparent and demonstrable way, has been long overdue. Through ISO 41001:2018 as the FM management system standard and its supporting FM standards on vocabulary, agreements, and developing strategy and policy etc. ISO 41015 brings the practice of FM ever closer to the core business. In this way ISO 41015 not only serves to improve productivity and quality outcomes for end users but also to promote the FM profession.

Thank you to Working Group 5 (WG5) for their efforts in delivering this important FM standard.

Ted Weidner (USA)
ISO/TC 267 WG5 Convenor 


22 December 2022

Vale: Casey Martin (USA)

Casey Martin.png

It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the passing of Casey Martin late in December. Casey had been bravely fighting ovarian cancer, but complications prevailed. As a veteran member of the U.S. mirror committee for ISO/TC 267 where she served as co-chair for the past 5 years, Casey was very active in all aspects of TC 267, including serving as the Convenor for Working Group 1 – Concepts and Context. 

Casey's contribution will be sorely missed as a leader and acknowledged expert. Casey approached everything with her bright personality and smile. Her valued comments were always honest, open and frank with the aim being positive output for TC 267 members and the wider FM world.

Our thoughts are with her partner Bob.

Rest in peace.

25 November 2022

BSI Standards Makers Awards

BSI award Brian Atkin.jpg

BSI has recognized the contribution to FM Standards in the BSI Award category of: Representing the UK.

Brian Atkin has been an indispensable member of FMW/1 Facilities Management whilst also serving as a proactive and valued contributor to the corresponding European and international committees, CEN/TC 348 and ISO/TC 267. Brian’s extensive subject matter and standards knowledge has been invaluable to standardization in this field and earned him recognition as an expert. ISO/TC 267 thanks Brian for his commitment.  


10 November 2022

WG6 & WG8 meetings in Nashville, USA

Following nearly three (3) years of virtual interactions, two (2) of ISO/TC267’s Facility Management (FM) Working Groups (WG 6 and WG 8) have met in person in Nashville, Tennessee, on 26 and 27 September to discuss progress on current work items of the ISO 41000 series of FM standards.

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In the meetings took place in a hybrid format, with WG8 recording 14 experts over two days representing Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Panama and the USA.

ISO/TC 267 WG 6, Digital, Data and Technology is responsible for developing standards publications to provide guidance for Facility Managers on how to optimize workflows, equipment, systems, frameworks, data and facilities utilizing new technologies and digital tools and data to enable the achievement of improved outcomes and achievement of FM strategies.

During the meeting, WG 6 shared important progress on ISO/TR 41016 Facility Management: a digital technology framework. This document will build technology literacy for Facility Managers and provide information for developing an FM technology strategy as part of the overall strategy to support the core business. It is anticipated that this important Technical Report will be published December 2022

ISO/TC 267 WG 8, Performance Measurement and Improvement, is responsible for developing and writing documents and standards that provide strategic, operational and tactical performance requirements to influence positive outcomes for the integration of people, places and processes, as well as include requirements and/or guidance to measure, monitor and improve FM performance management.

During the meeting of WG 8, the team shared a vision of the current practices in performance measurement that will serve as the starting point for the development of ISO/PWI 41030 Facility management – ​​Performance Measurement and Management.  The team also discussed next steps necessary for the production of this document.

There was great interaction and an exchange of ideas from both these working groups. These efforts are valuable contributions to the development of guidance documents for the international FM community.


13 October 2022

World Standards Day 2022:
‘Shared Vision for a Better World’

Standards are built on collaboration and consensus. Standards are a testament to the power of cooperation and the belief that we a stronger than the sum of our parts.

ISO/TC 267 Facility Management (FM) is of the belief that through our continued work to develop, review, and publish FM standards that we embrace this shared vision encompassing people and the built environment.

We have identified that the ISO 41000 series currently align with 14 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are very proud to support people and organizations that wish to contribute to a better world through the adoption of standards.

ISO/TC 267 team’s work on FM standards in support of managing the built environment and associated processes, empowers demand organizations and their people with real-world solutions to face our sustainability challenges head-on.

Duncan Waddell
ISO/TC 267 Chair

20 July 2022
ISO 41018:2022 Facility management — Development of a facility management policy released

Introduction video by Helgard Pienaar & Brian Atkin

Get a copy of the standard


3 October 2022

ISO/TC 267 Celebrating 10-years!

Our Beginnings

In 2011, a small group of FM professionals under the leadership of Stan Mitchell, ISO/TC 267’s founding chairman, formulated a proposal to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to establish a formal committee to create international standards for Facilities Management (FM). In doing so we needed to overcome several hurdles:

1) ISO’s apparent lack of recognition of FM.
2) The belief that FM’s functions were already covered by ISO 55000 Asset Management.
3) The recruitment of a sufficient number of National Standards Bodies (NSBs) to support our proposal.

These hurdles were overcome and international FM standards initiative was made possible due to the existence of multiple FM membership bodies worldwide, EuroFM and Global FM, plus the previous work of the Australian Government’s FM Action Agenda (2004-08), and the European FM standards committee CEN/TC348’s EN15221-1 to -7 (2006-12).

Following two (2) detailed business cases, and the support of 17 NSBs, ISO/TC 267 was established by February 2012. Our first plenary meeting was held in Berlin in November 2012, and was attended by 26 delegates from nine (9) countries.