ISO/TC 267 WG 1, Concepts and Context

This Working Group (WG 1) is responsible for drafting documents and standards within the context of FM and the opportunities for outcomes that have a positive impact on the built environment with the purpose of improving the productivity of the core business and the quality of life of people. 

WG 1 is actively working on updating the vocabulary for the ISO 41000 series. Clarifying vocabulary promotes a 'common FM language' across these standards and the practice of Facility Management. In addition, WG 1 is separately developing a new FM publication focusing on the alignment of current and future FM standards with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Current work item(s):

  • ISO 41011, Facility management – Vocabulary (revision) – Project Lead: Dennis Kot (USA).
  • ISO/TR 41019, Facility management – The role of FM in sustainability and resilience (under development) – Project Lead: Stephen Ballesty (Australia).

Advisory and Working Groups include experts from both standards and industry, and these experts are put forward by National Standards Bodies. If you want to help shape FM's future standards, please contact the relevant Convenor or your national member.