What is Facility Management (FM)?

Facility management has been defined as an "organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business." [Source ISO 41011]

FM is a strategic, professional discipline that provides optimum performance of support services to any and all types and sizes of organizations that it serves. The impact of a properly implemented strategic FM program goes beyond operations and maintenance. It can influence employee engagement and retention, support the demand organization's mission-critical assets, and minimize organizational risks.

FM standards provide specific guidance for individual teams and organizations to demonstrate a commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a robust, systems approach to managing the support services needs and working environment of the demand organization. It is incumbent on facility managers worldwide to utilize the ISO 41000 family of standards in their organizations and promote a common language and approach for FM strategy and practices. 

Who we are:

We are representatives drawn from 45 countries who have been actively progressing the international FM standards initiative since 2012. We have produced multiple documents within the ISO 41000 series focused on being the foremost contributor to a more productive workplace and sustainable environment and while achieving an improved quality of life for all.

ISO TC 267, St. Petersburg, Russia, November 2019

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Standards are developed by the people who need them – that could mean you. Technical committees include experts from both standards and industry and these experts are put forward by ISO’s national members. If you want to help shape future standards in your field, contact your national member


Published Standards:

ISO 41011:2017 Facility management – Vocabulary

ISO 41012:2017 Facility management – Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements

ISO/TR 41013:2017 Facility management – Scope, key concepts and benefits

ISO 41001:2018 Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use

ISO/IEC 17021-11:2018 Competence requirements certification of Facility MS

ISO 41014:2020 Facility management – Development of a facility management strategy


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