Introduction to ISO/TC 211 Good practices resource

The purpose of this resource is to give accessible and relevant guidance on how to take part in developing standards in ISO/TC 211. 

The target groups are: 

  • delegates representing member countries or liaison organizations
  • experts, i.e. the working group convenors, project leads, project teams and editors

This Good practice gives information on:

  • how to become an appointed delegate or expert
  • how to register for groups 
  • how to register for meetings
  • roles and responsibilities 
  • supporting systems 
  • the stages of standard development
  • the standard document template, and practices within ISO/TC 211 

The ISO directives, resources and publications form the basis and framework for the ISO/TC 211 Good practices resource. The ISO framework is extensive, and therefore ISO/TC 211 felt the need to create a customized resource to better meet the needs for the committee, and most important to collect and maintain the additional procedural resolutions and agreements within the committee. 

How these Good practices resource web pages are maintained

ISO/TC 211/AG 3 PMG is responsible for these pages, with the support of the Secretariat. Other than minor editorial things, changes will either represent decisions in the TC, or decisions made by consensus in advisory groups. Where an advisory group considers that a decision it makes should be reflected here, they should contact the PMG convenor.
Each page has a footer indicating the date of the most recent change, and the contributors.


Resolution 977 Good practices of ISO/TC 211

ISO/TC 211 instructs the secretariat in cooperation with ISO/TC 211 convenors to maintain a “Good practices of ISO/TC 211” resource containing resolutions and guidance which guide the work of the committee.



Updated 2020-09-18
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