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Published 2021-07-16


Successful 52nd plenary week

ISO/TC 211 held its 52nd virtual meeting week on the week of June 7th . Over one hundred participants from thirty countries and liaison organizations attended; some twenty working groups and advisory groups convened; the open seminar addressing geospatial data in various domains was very well-attended; the plenary session was attended by over ninety delegates; and a set of substantive technical committee resolutions affecting the future work was proposed. Please find the Resolutions ( after the ballot is closed in July. Please find presentations and recordings from the Standards in action ( seminar.

Thank you to all participants for making the third virtual plenary week a success!

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GIS-BIM interoperability

ISO/TC 59/SC 13/JWG 14 (joint working group between ISO/TC 59/SC 13 and ISO/TC 211) has developed a technical report on GIS-BIM interoperability, ISO/TR 23262 GIS (geospatial) / BIM interoperability. The report has just been published, see ISO - ISO/TR 23262:2021 - GIS (geospatial) / BIM interoperability
The final clause in the report consists of the following three suggestions for further work:

1.    Linking abstract concepts in BIM and GIS standards 
2.    Geospatial and BIM dictionary 
3.    Information exchange guidelines between BIM and GIS

In addition to the work between ISO/TC 59 SC 13 and ISO/TC 211 we have recognized that there is a similar report produced by BuildingSMART and OGC, “Built environment data standards and their integration: an analysis of IFC, CityGML and LandInfra”, focusing on issues that are closely related to the suggestions for further work by JWG 14.  

To avoid duplication, we would like to align our further work with buildingSMART International (bSI) and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), and a meeting will take place between bSI, OGC, ISO/TC 59/SC 13 and ISO/TC 211 June 1st . 

JWG 14 is prepared to initiate a New Work Item Proposal on suggestion 2, Geospatial and BIM dictionary given that it aligns with the efforts of bSI and OGC.


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This committee contributes with over 100 standards supporting the following Sustainable Development Goals:







Standardization in the field of digital geographic information.
This work aims to establish a structured set of standards for information concerning objects or phenomena that are directly or indirectly associated with a location relative to the Earth.

These standards may specify, for geographic information, methods, tools and services for data management (including definition and description), acquiring, processing, analyzing, accessing, presenting and transferring such data in digital/electronic form between different users, systems and locations.

The work shall link to appropriate standards for information technology and data where possible, and provide a framework for the development of sector-specific applications using geographic data.


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