Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar during the virtual plenary


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Opening Simon Vrečar, ISO/TC 211 AG1
Introduction by ISO/TC 211 Agneta Engberg, ISO/TC 211
Introduction by OGC Nadine Alameh, OGC 
Introduction by IHO Yong Baek, IHO 
Summary Agneta Engberg, ISO/TC 211 
Introduction Serena Coetzee, Member body South Africa 
Direction Setting Jill Saligoe-Simmel, ESRI 
Understanding National needs Irina Bastrakova, Geoscience Australia 
Planning for Change Tobias Spears, Government of Canada 
Taking Action Sangki Hong, Member body South Korea 
Ongoing Management Mark Reichardt, OGC 
Achieving Outcomes Shane Crossman, Geoscience Australia 
Closure Simon Vrečar, ISO/TC 211 AG1 


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Summary of OGC Standards activities in the second half of 2021 
- Scott Simmons, OGC

Results of OGC’s Innovation Program Initiatives in 2021 
- Dr. Nils Hempelmann, OGC


Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar during the virtual plenary


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Opening and Welcome to the Standard in Action (View)
Simon Vrečar ISO/TC 211/AG 1 Outreach

Supporting other domains & industries with location information (Read or View)
Chris Body, Member body Australia

Geospatial in Health…it’s about time (Read or View)
Jennifer George, Strategic Commercialisation Australia

How to work together for smart city standards (Read or View)
SangKi Hong, Member body Republic of Korea

IHO Marine Geospatial Standard based on ISO 19000 series (Read or View)
Yong Baek, IHO

PANEL – Location information and standardization for the health sector (View)
Agneta Engberg, ISO/TC 211
Michael Glickman, ISO/TC 215
Chris Body, Member body Australia
Jennifer George, Australia
Serena Coetzee, Member body South Africa

Standards aren’t always right! (Read or View)
Peter Parslow, Member body United Kingdom

GIS as basis for transformation of the transportation sector (Read or View)
Trond Hovland, Member body Norway

General Indicator Modelling Framework for Decision Support (Read or View)
Thomas Kolbe, Technische Universität München, Germany

Modular approach helps bridging standard-based multidisciplinary imagery and gridded data - ISO 19105 – Geographic information — Conformance and testing (Read or View)
Yu Jinsongdi, Member body China

Simon Vrečar ISO/TC 211/AG 1 Outreach

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