Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar during the Jeonju plenary


[Session 1] Digital Twins and Geospatial Standard
Digital Twins and geospatial standards in ANZ
Presentation - Recording
Chris Body
LADM Project Leader, TC 211
Standard Development for Korean Natioanl Digital Twin
Presentation - Recording
SangKi Hong
Professor, Anyang University
National Digital Twin in UK
Presentation - Recording
Allan Jamieson
ISO/TC 211/AG 1 - Convenor, BSI
Use case of National Digital Twin Standard for Buildings
Presentation - Recording
Hyun Jung Cho
General Director, LX

[Session 2] Technological Trend

The Standardization of NGII in Korea: Past, Present and Future
Presentation - Recording
Eunmi Chang
Professor, University of Seoul
Harnessing AI for Geo-Intelligence with Real-world Applications
Presentation - Recording
Taegyun Jeon
CEO, SI Analytics
MBRSC Missions: From Concepts to Applications
Presentation - Recording
Saeed Al Mansoori
Director, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) Remote Sensing Department
Spatial Information Standards for DNA+ Drone Sensor Data
Presentation - Recording

Beob Kyun Kim
Principal Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI)

Telecommunication Spatial DGGS Coding Rule : Fusion of Equal Area DGGS and Axis Aligned DGGS
Presentation - Recording
Daoye Zhu
Ph.D., Peking University
Indian Geospatial Policy 2022 - Status of Standard Adoption
Presentation - Recording

Debapriya Dutta
Adviser, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

[Session 3] GIS for Digital Transformation
Development of marine GIS standard and application cases to the field of maritime transportation
Presentation - Recording
Sewoong Oh
Principal Research Engineer, KRISO
Digital twin and climate change: LX Platform
Presentation - Recording
Jungho Park
Senior Researcher, LX
EU’s Open Data Directive and its High Value Datasets (HVD)
Presentation - Recording
Jari Reini
Director National Land Survey of Finland
The New Innovation in Citizen Communication with Smart Seoul Map, Add Standards.
Presentation - Recording

Yong Ik Lee
Manager, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Maritime ITS
Presentation - Recording
Trond Hovland
ITS Norway


Presentations from Geospatial Standard Development Forum during the Jeonju plenary


[Session 1] Why standard and where it is going?
[Keynote Speech] Korea’s National Standards System as an Economic Growth Engine and Its Implication
Presentation - Recording
Kaphong Choi
Professor, Sunkyunkwan University
Standardizing digital maps for future mobility
Presentation - Recording
Ilsuk Park
Director, Kakaomobility
From requirements to Standards: OGC driving real-world geospatial interoperability
Presentation - Recording
Scott Simmons
Chief Standard Officer, OGC
[Session 2] Geospatial standard: Policy Issues
[Keynote Speech] ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics
Presentation - Recording
Peter Parslow
Chair, ISO/TC 211
Policy direction for standardization of geospatial information in Korea
Presentation - Recording
Jong Tae An
Senior Deputy Director, MOLIT
Digital Twin Demonstration Project Showcase
Presentation - Recording
Chun Su Park
General Director, LX


Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar during the Vienna plenary


See the recording of Part 1.

Welcome Allan Jamieson
ISO/TC 211/AG 1 - Convenor
The use of a standardised framework in the digitalisation of the planning and building process Malin Klintborg
Platform for data exchange at the Swedish Transport Administration Lars Flodman
How Can Reference Architectures Enhance Interoperability? Paul Lacey
Ministry of Defence
See the recording of Part 2.  
Function of the new quality standard 19157-1 and future Quality Measure register 19157-3 Torsten Svärd Lantmäteriet
Geocell Reinforcement Resource Caroline Lindhe Lantmäteriet
What is happening in the LADM revision Chris Body
See the recording of Part 3.  
UML models in action at the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure Heidi Vanparys
The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure
Collaboration between the GIS and ITS committees -
Challenges and Solutions
Trond Hovland
ITS Norway
Jonathan Harrod Booth ITS/Highways Systems
Why conformance to ISO 19160-2 matters and how to show conformance Serena Coetzee
Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology
See the recording of Part 4.  
A Framework for Gap analysis of Geospatial Standards for Smart Cities SangKi Hong
WG 10 Convenor
OGC APIs for Tiles and Maps Scott Simmons
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
GeoE3 – Geospatially Enabled Ecosystem for Europé Jari Reini
National Land Survey of Finland
Summary and end Allan Jamieson
ISO/TC 211/AG 1 - Convenor


OGC Session


See the recording from the session

Introduction and 2022 Summary Scott Simmons
OGC API – Records building blocks Peter Vretanos
IndoorGML implementation of ISO 19164 (Indoor Feature Model) Ki-Joune Li
Pusan National University
OGC Testbed 18 work relating TraningDML-AI/ML to the ISO 19000 series Ivana Ivánová
Curtin University
The move from rigorous and heavy XML/UML towards lighter, more dynamic, schema fragments, key-value pairs, and building blocks Chris Little
UK Met Office
Open Discussion – the ModSpec, GeoDCAT and ISO 19115, and more Scott Simmons

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