ISO/TC 211 Resources

This section contain links to resources for accessing and using models and schemas from the ISO/TC211 Standards.

Main page for all resources:

Ontologies (GOM)

Ontology representations of the ISO/TC211 Standards are maintained in the GitHub repository for the ISO/TC211 Group on Ontology Management (GOM). Official ontologies are located at


UML Models (HMMG)

An HTML view of the Harmonized UML Model is available for
The GitHub repository for the ISO/TC211 Harmonized Model Maintenance Group (HMMG) contains model files, information about the Harmonized Model, and how to work with it.

XML Schemas (XMG)

The ISO TC211 XML Schema repository is located at
Each part of each standard has a directory like: For example: or
Comments, suggestions, change requests and revisions are managed in the GitHub repository for the ISO/TC211 XML Maintenance Group (XMG)

Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms

The ISO/TC 211 Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms has been compiled from International Standards developed by ISO/TC 211. Its purpose is to encourage consistency in the use and interpretation of geospatial terms. It is being made freely available to all interested people and organizations.

ISO Geodetic Registry

The ISO Geodetic Registry is a structured database of coordinate reference systems and transformations that is accessible through this on-line registry system. The Register includes only systems and transformations of international application. It does not include all possible coordinate reference systems and transformations.

Read more about coordinate reference systems registers in our Guide to CRS Registers.


ISO/TC 211 Good practices

The purpose of ISO/TC 211 Good practice is to give accessible and relevant guidance on how to take part in developing standards in ISO/TC 211. 


ISO/TC 211 Templates and forms

Powerpoint presentation
Liaison report to ISO/TC 211
Liaison report from ISO/TC 211