ISO/TC 211 Resources

This section contain links to resources for accessing and using models and schemas from the ISO/TC211 Standards.

ISO/TC 211 - Documents

ISO/TC 211 - CIO Standards Tracker

Ontologies (GOM)

  • Ontology representations of the ISO/TC211 Standards are maintained in the GitHub repository for the ISO/TC211 Group on Ontology Management (GOM).

UML Models (HMMG)

XML Schemas (XMG)

Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms

  • The ISO/TC 211 Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms has been compiled from International Standards developed by ISO/TC 211. Its purpose is to encourage consistency in the use and interpretation of geospatial terms. It is being made freely available to all interested people and organizations.

ISO 19160-1 Addressing profiles

  • ISO 19160-1 UML profiles for New Zealand, United States of America and South Africa are available.

Geospatial standardization Wiki

  • Standards for fundamental geo-spatial datasets wiki provides background information on geospatial standardization: a standard and different types of standards are defined; the development and implementation of standards are described; and key standards bodies for fundamental geospatial datasets are introduced.