The User Story Challenge 

Thank you for your contributions in showing how geospatial standards are used, and the benefits and impact these have.

Please enjoy this collection of user stories. Navigate by selecting a user story to your right.

Share with us your story too, there is no need to be a member of ISO/TC 211. Submit your contribution on the user story template to committee manager

ISO/TC 211 reserves the right to make any necessary editorial changes and to use the contributions for other outreach purposes.


ISO/TC 211 recognizes the great need to raise awareness about geospatial standards, and the impact these have in contributing to national and international development goals. At the recent session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) in September 2020, decision 10/111 expresses the encouraging of standards development organizations to focus on highlighting progress made in the adoption and implementation of standards by Member States.

This year 2020, the ISO/TC 211 aims at collecting 50 user stories to celebrate the 50th plenary, with the purpose of highlighting implementation and impact of ISO/TC 211 standards. The challenge is for the members, liaisons and the geospatial community to jointly help us collect these stories.

The purpose is to 

  • raise awareness of the wide used today of geospatial standards 
  • raise awareness of the role of geospatial standards in framework and legislation
  • raise awareness of the impact of geospatial standards
  • increase the interest to participate in developing standards
  • inspire organizations on how to use standards