Hunan Provincial Platform for Common GeoSpatial Information Services

ISO/TC211 standards used

ISO 19142 – Geographic information – Web Feature Service interface
ISO 19143:2010 - Geographic information — Filter encoding
ISO 19144-1:2009 - Geographic information — Classification systems — Part 1: Classification system structure

How the standards are used in our processes/projects

ISO 19142,ISO 19143,ISO 19144-1 are applicable to provide online access and online processing of geographic elements through the Internet. It has nothing to do with data format.

Based on these standards, Department of Natural Resources of Hunan Province distributes some publicly available location data, most commonly POI data. By using this service, you can access POI data of each city and county in Hunan province, which will be updated regularly. Other data released by the Hunan Provincial Department of Natural Resources using this standard include hotels, schools, hospitals, scenic spots and so on.

Benefits for the user

Data on hotels, schools, hospitals, scenic spots may not be accessible to the average person, but can be easily and cheaply shared over the Internet and used in a variety of applications. This data can be used as base or reference data, or it can combine geographic elements from different sources to create new and valuable information. Because the geographical elements are created at the request of the application and the data can be retrieved directly from the source, it is very convenient to publish the latest data. The standard also enables users to access geographic information without having to expend their own energy and money to collect and produce the data.


Department of Natural Resources of Hunan Province

Contact person
Ma Zhichao, November 2020