ÖNORM 2260 – Geometry schema package for reliable geometries

ISO/TC211 standards used

ISO 19109 – Geographic information – Rules for application schema
ISO 19136 – Geographic information – Geography Markup Language (GML)

How the standards are used in our processes/projects

Based on ISO 19109- Rules for application schema an UML model was developed. The goal of the model is to store the meta-information that is generated during data collection (e.g. a survey campaign) directly with the geometry in order to use it later for estimating the reliability of the survey object.

A GML application schema was derived directly from the UML model. This application schema can be used for the creation of new application schemas and enables the management of metadata information for each separate geometry. By using the application schema , information about e.g. positional accuracy, actuality, creator, etc. can be stored for each vertex of a geometry and subsequently used to estimate the reliability of a geometry. 

Benefits for the user

The transparency and traceability of decisions is becoming increasingly important. Many of these decisions are based on spatial datasets, which by definition have a direct (e.g. coordinates) or indirect (address) spatial reference. The developed geometry schema for reliable geometries allows to estimate the reliability of the spatial datasets used for the decision making process.



Contact person
Roland Grillmayer, October 2020