Modular approach helps bridging standard-based multidisciplinary imagery and gridded data

ISO/TC211 standards used

ISO 19105 – Geographic information — Conformance and testing
ISO 19123-2 – Geographic information — Schema for coverage geometry and functions - Part 2: Coverage implementation schema
ISO/TS 19163-2 – Geographic information — Content components and encoding rules for imagery and gridded data — Part 2: Implementation schema

How the standards are used in our processes/projects

Imagery and gridded data are provided in a concrete, implementable, conformance-testable coverage structure as defined  in ISO/TS 19163 that conforms to ISO 19123-2. In this case, the data is concrete in terms of testable data structure definitions and integrity constraints and, therefore, enables rigorous conformance testing down to single pixel level through the mechanisms established in ISO 19105.

Benefits for the user

A specification-oriented modular approach is adopted to achieve reliable interoperability among multidisciplinary imagery and gridded data, by orchestrating a variety of web coverage related standards that are maintained or supported by various standards bodies and entities, such as ISO, W3C, OGC, IETF and etc.;

Online analytics-ready imagery data can be served based on existing standard-based approach (e.g.  via OGC WCS 2.0);

An overall assessment is carried out to ensure global validity of cross-referenced statements. The overall orchestration helps to spot inconsistencies and incompleteness among requirements, implementations and tests.


Fuzhou University

Contact person
Yu Jinsongdi, November 2020

National Forest City (Fuzhou, China)