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ISO 19123-2:2018

2018-05-25 Geographic information —
Schema for coverage geometry and functions —
Part 2: Coverage implementation schema



This document specifies a concrete1) implementable, conformance-testable coverage structure based on the abstract schema for coverages defined in the ISO 19123 schema for coverage geometry. This document defines a structure that is suitable for encoding in many encoding formats.


Document Normative References:

ISO 19103:2015, Geographic information — Conceptual schema language

ISO 19123:2005, Geographic information — Schema for coverage geometry and functions

ISO 19136:2007, Geographic information — Geography Markup Language (GML)

OGC 07-011, Abstract Specification Topic 6: The Coverage Type and its Subtypes, version 7.0 (identical to ISO 19123:2005)

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OGC 08-094, OGC® SWE Common Data Model Encoding Standard, version 2.0


Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:


Model References:
ISO 19136 Edition 1
ISO 19123-1 Edition 1


User Stories:

China - Modular approach helps bridging standard-based multidisciplinary imagery and gridded data


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