National standard for modelling geospatial data and services

ISO/TC211 standards used

ISO 19128 - Geographic information - Conceptual Schema Language
ISO 19107 - Geographic information - Spatial schema
ISO 19108 - Geographic information - Temporal Schema
ISO 19109 - Geographic information - Rules for application schemas
ISO 19123 - Geographic information - Coverages
ISO 19136 - Geographic information - GML
ISO 19156 - Geographic information - Observation and measurements
ISO 19157 - Geographic information - Data quality
ISO 19135 - Geographic information - Procedures for item registration

How the standards are used in our processes/projects

These ISO standards consists of models and rules for data and services and provides the fundament for a national standard on how to model geospatial data and services in UML, called SOSI - Rules for UML modelling.

Benefits for the user

This standard provides requirements and recommendation on how to model geospatial data and services, including use case modelling and business modelling in form of BPMN, fully compliant with the ISO standards. Further, the requirements and recommendations are extended with illustrations and national examples to ease the understanding of how we use UML. A formal SOSI-UML profile is also provided.


Norwegian Mapping Authority as the standardization secretariat for the geospatial domain.

Contact person
Morten Borrebaek, September 2020