National Platform for Common Geospatial Information Services

ISO/TC211 standards used

ISO 19128 - Geographic information — Web map server interface
ISO 19142 – Geographic information – Web Feature Service interface

How the standards are used in our processes/projects

As an important part of the geospatial framework for digital China, National Platform for Common Geospatial Information Services is the official portal for spatial information sharing and services, aims at promoting the geographic information resources sharing, and improving the ability and efficiency for services based on the ISO standards.

The two ISO standards are the most important basis for spatial information sharing and services. Many kinds of base maps and thematic maps are released in accordance with Web map server interface, such as the scale topographic maps, railway maps, and land cover maps. In addition to the map browsing, the platform opens a lot of public geospatial information data by using web feature service standard, and users can access or download the data easily. The open data is consist of administrative region, administrative boundary, water, highway, railway, residential land, natural place names, etc. 

Benefits for the user

The services based the standards can be easily accessed and integrated by the interface by using any software, any platform, any program written in any language. Users do not need to process the geographic information data and publish the map services with some professionals softwares, which will save the construction cost and reduce the development difficulty. Furthermore, since ground features change rapidly the geographic information data is always been updated. It can make sure the map or data accessed by the interface is very up to date, and users can pay more attention to their own business rather than the geospatial information data update.


National  Geomatics Center of China

Contact person
Zhang  Hongping, November 2020