Product specifications for data product (dataset or dataset series)

ISO/TC211 standards used

ISO 19131 – Geographic information – Data product specification
ISO 19157 – Geographic information – Data Quality

How the standards are used in our processes/projects

Geonorge, which is the Norwegian national geoportal, consists of more than 5500 datasets and more than 30 dataset series, based upon 177 data product specifications, either approved or in the process of being approved. 

The two ISO standards are the basis for a national standard on product specification, called “SOSI product specification,  control and approval”. As the name indicates, this standard extends the ISO standards with formal requirements on the control and approval of these specification. This process has been authorized to the Norwegian Mapping Authority. 

An information model has been made mandatory, including a standardized template for the presentation of the data product specifications. 

Benefits for the user

A standardized template for specification of a data product makes it easier for the users to understand the data product. Making information models in UML obligatory makes it a rather easy task to map the information models to a metamodel provided by the Norwegian Digitalization Agency, who collects models from the public administration as an extension of DCAT-AP-NO, which is the vocabulary for data catalogues in the public domain. The quality requirements in the data product requires that the quality of datasets are reported in metadata, providing a mapping to a data quality vocabulary that is another extension of DCAT-AP-NO.


Norwegian Mapping Authority as the coordinator of the national SDI.

Contact person
Morten Borrebaek, September 2020