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Geographic information —
Data product specifications


ISO 19131:2007
/Amd 1:2011

2011-09-26 Geographic information —
Data product specifications —
Amendment 1: Requirements relating to the inclusion of
an application schema and feature catalogue and the
treatment of coverages in an application schema.

ISO 19131:2007

2007-04-16 Geographic information —
Data product specifications



This document describes requirements for the specification of geographic data products, based upon the concepts of other International Standards in the ISO 19100 family of standards. It also provides help in the creation of data product specifications, so that they are easily understood and fit for their intended purpose.

This document also specifies XML encoding of data product specifications.

This document is intended for use by data producers, data providers, service providers and potential users of data products.


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Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:


Model References:
ISO/TS 19103 Edition 1

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