Distribution of georeferenced maps over intranet - Jiangsu Transport GIS Service Platform

ISO/TC211 standards used

ISO 19128 - Geographic information — Web map server interface

How the standards are used in our processes/projects

The ISO 19128 standard uses geographic information from a data source and creates from it a map in the form of a digital image file suitable for display on a computer screen and easy to distribute over the intranet.

this standard is used to distribute a number of map products, The business system of transportation industry can achieve service aggregation by simple configuration, and directly use the services provided by this transport GIS service platform, without complex development and data processing.

Benefits for the user

Map images from one or many organizations that might not be accessible for people in general can easily and cheap be shared over internet and used in a variety of apps. The map images can be used as background maps or reference data or maps from different sources can be combined to create new valuable information. Since the map image is created on request from an application and data can be retrieved directly from the source, it is easy to deliver the most updated information available. The simplicity of publishing data also helps organizations follow directives on transparency and accessibility. The standard also empower decision makers to access geographic information on their own without the need for expertise to compile and prepare reports with the most up-to-date information over and over again.


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