– The Open Data Map of Austrian Administrations

ISO/TC211 standards used

ISO/TR 19121 Geographic information — Imagery and gridded data
ISO 19128:2005  - Geographic information — Web map server interface
ISO 19142:2010 - Geographic information — Web Feature Service
and further standards like OGC WMTS (Web Map Tiled Service)

How the standards are used in our processes/projects is a national map, based on a variety of webservice standards, like WMS, WFS, WMTS and recently Mapbox 2.0.

These (ISO) standards are used for publishing the products in a simple way – in accordance with the open data principles. Nearby each worldwide used web framework, server system or desktop GIS has implemented these standards. was one of the very first implementations of these standards in Austria, used for a national map. covers a huge scalerange, up to mapscale of 1:500 in some region. is distributed in the Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere and therefore compatible to worldwide maps like Open Street Map, Google maps or Bing Maps. 

Benefits for the user is open data and published via CC-BY 4.0. There are no limitations or restrictions on use. is consequently a welcome alternative to other internet basemaps. can be accessed in different styles and renounces any logging or user tracking, important requirements of our customers for use in critical infrastructures.

The (ISO) standards guarantee easy “plug&play” integration in any GIS framework or application.
With up to 75 Mio map accesses each day and a total download volume of 500 TB per year demonstrates the huge acceptance and satisfaction of our customers. is the number one Open Data Product of Austria, with the most number of referenced applications, not only in the governmental environment but also in private and business apps, e.g., Further applications are mentioned here.


Project Leadership: City of Vienna

Contact person
Wolfgang Jörg, October 2020