Advisory groups, and maintenance groups  to support the work

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Outreach Advisory Group ISO/TC 211/AG 01

Ms. Lena Bengtsson (resolution in Wellington)


Programme Maintenance Group (PMG) ISO/TC 211/AG 03

Dr. Serena Coetzee, South Africa (2008-01 - )


ISO/TC 211 / OGC Joint Advisory Group (JAG) ISO/TC 211/AG 04
ISO/TC 211 co-chair: Ms. Jeanne Foust, USA  

OGC co-chair: Dr. Jean Brodeur, Canada


Harmonized Model Maintenance Group (HMMG) ISO/TC 211/AG 05
Mr. John Herring, USA (2002-11 - )  

Mr. Knut Jetlund, Norway (2015-06 - )


Ontology Maintenance Group (GOM) ISO/TC 211/AG 06

Dr. Jean Brodeur, Canada (2012-06 - )


Terminology maintenance group (TMG) ISO/TC 211/AG 07
Mr. Andrew Jones, Australia (2013-11 - )  

co-chair: Mr. Reese Plews (2017-06 - )


XML Maintenance Group (XMG) doesn´t have livelink
Dr. Ted Habermann, USA (2013-11 - )  
Control body for the ISO geodetic registry  ISO/TC 211/ AHG 01
Convenor: Dr. Michael Craymer, Canada, nominated by IAG  

Vice convenor: Mr. Larry Hothem, USA, nominated by IAG


Strategy and business plan ISO/TC 211/ AHG 04
not active for the moment  
Advisory group on strategy doesn´t have livelink

Convenor: ISO/TC 211 chair



Next ISO/TC 211 meeting

Nov 27th - Dec 1st 2017 in Wellington, New Zealand

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May 28th - June 1st  2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark

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