Why a management system for records?


The ISO 30300 series of MSR standards were initiated to:

  • link records management to organizational success and accountability
  • provide management with tools to implement a systematic and verifiable approach to the creation and control of records
  • support the records management and documentation requirements of organizations implementing other management systems standards, such as risk, quality and social responsibility.

A ‘management system’ is a set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization to establish policies and objectives and processes to achieve those objectives.  A management system for records is the ‘management system to direct and control an organization with regard to records’.

The ISO 30300 series, supported by related ISO TC46/SC11International Standards and Technical Reports is intended to improve the creation and control of records and set benchmarks for organizations to assess the adequacy of their records. This consistency with other management systems standards enables greater communication and cooperation across disciplines, especially for integrated implementation and conformity assessment. 

Products of the series are:

ISO 30300: 2011. Management systems for records - Fundamentals and vocabulary  explains the purpose of a MSR, the principles for successful implementation of a MSR and provides the terminology for using MSR standards - compatible with other management systems standards.


ISO 30301: 2019. Management systems for records - Requirements is the specification of requirements for developing records management policy, objectives and targets to implement organization-wide improvements. This is done through defining roles and responsibilities, designing processes and systems, allocating appropriate resources, and measuring and evaluating outcomes, to ensure corrective action is taken and continuous improvement occurs.  

Structure of an MSR

ISO 30302:2015 Management systems for records - Guidelines for implementation gives guidance for the implementation of a MSR in accordance with ISO 30301

ISO  30300 is  currently under revision. More information in Projects section 


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