Who is TC 46/SC 11 Archives and record management?

ISO TC 46/SC 11 is the ISO Committee responsible for developing standards on records/archives management. Our foundation standard is ISO 15489 Records management. Part 1 of this Standard has been revised and replaced in 2016 as ISO 15489 Records management - Principles and concepts, with other updated parts under development. In addition, we have a range of other standards and technnical reports including the ISO 30300 series, Management systems for records. See the list of our standards and our current projects at the right. You can find more information in the Projects section.

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Our mission and role to play

Take a leading role in improving best practices in managing records by providing a framework as well as standards and guidance for the design and application of records practices and processes. This includes

  1. Codifying best practice in managing records into internationally applicable management system and other standards, for business and societal purposes.
  2. Influencing, to improve the guidance provided by others on the mechanism and techniques affecting recordkeeping/records management.
  3. Influencing, to improve the development of systems that create and manage records.

What is a record?

"Records" is an English word that is difficult to translate to other languages. Even in English it is used in different contexts with different meanings. An easy explanation:

  1. Record = information
  2. Not all information is a record > information created, received and maintained as evidence and as an asset by an organization or person
  3. When does an organization create records? > In pursuit of legal obligations or in the transaction of business


For any question about the work, standards or projects of ISO TC 46/SC 11 you can contact us by email:


Convenors and project leaders can be reached through the SC11 Committe Manager or  your National  Member Body

Want to get involved?

Standards are developed by the people who need them – that could mean you. Technical committees include experts from standards bodies (ISO's national members) and industry.  If you want to help shape future standards in your field, contact your national member

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