Who is TC 46/SC 11 Archives and record management?

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ISO TC 46/SC 11, the ISO Subcommittee responsible for records and archives management, has published several products related to our work. The foundational publication is ISO 15489 Records management - Principles and concepts. This standard, revised and replaced in 2016, provides principles and guidelines for managing records effectively.

Additionally, ISO TC 46/SC 11 has developed the ISO 30300 series, which focuses on management systems for records. This series includes ISO 30301:2011, ISO 30302:2015, and ISO 30303:2019, providing guidance on implementing a records management system, managing metadata for records, and implementing digital records management systems, respectively.

The Subcommittee has also produced other technical reports, such as ISO/TR 26122:2008, which provides guidance on the management of metadata for records, and ISO/TR 18128:2014, offering guidance on the management of electronic records.

You can find a  comprehensive list of the published products here: ISO TC 46/SC 11 - Published Products.

The Subcommittee’s working groups are also working on several ongoing projects. One notable project is focused on the intersection of blockchain technology and records management. This project aims to explore the potential applications of blockchain in the field of records management, addressing aspects such as authenticity, integrity, and long-term preservation of records.

A Working Group is also working on a project related to Risk assessment for records processes and systems. The goal is to develop a new ISO standard for ‘Risk assessment for records processes and systems’ adopting some text from ISO/TR 18128-2014. The new standard will replace the Technical Report.

Another ongoing project centered on Disposition will confirm and scope a set of issues and considerations for the disposition of records, and bring forward a proposed work item for the development and publication of a technical specification determining retention and disposition requirements.

There is a working group looking at Issues and considerations for managing records in structured data environments. This project aims to provide a landscape review of records management in structured environments and a gap analysis that identifies problems as well as provides high-level recommendations

Furthermore, ISO TC 46/SC 11 is working on a project focused on the management of records in cloud computing environments. This project aims to develop guidelines and recommendations for organizations on effectively managing records in cloud-based systems, considering the unique challenges and opportunities associated with cloud computing.

You can find more detailed information on these ongoing projects here: ISO TC 46/SC 11 - Ongoing Projects.


Our mission and role to play

paper in scanner.jpegTake a leading role in improving best practices in managing records by providing a framework as well as standards and guidance for the design and application of records practices and processes. This includes

  1. Codifying best practice in managing records into internationally applicable management system and other standards, for business and societal purposes.
  2. Influencing, to improve the guidance provided by others on the mechanism and techniques affecting recordkeeping/records management.
  3. Influencing, to improve the development of systems that create and manage records.

What is a record?

"Records" is an English word that is difficult to translate to other languages. Even in English it is used in different contexts with different meanings. An easy explanation:

  1. Record = information
  2. Not all information is a record > information created, received and maintained as evidence and as an asset by an organization or person
  3. When does an organization create records? > In pursuit of legal obligations or in the transaction of business


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