ISO 16175 suite: Processes and functional requirements for software for managing records

New ISO 16175 ‘Processes and functional requirements for software for managing records’ consists of separate two parts. 

ISO 16175-1:2020 Information and documentation — Processes and functional requirements for software for managing records — Part 1: Functional requirements and associated guidance for any applications that manage digital records

The two new parts of ISO 16175 have not only been significantly updated and consolidated, but they have also been greatly restructured.

The new ISO 15489-1 (records management) was published in 2016 and SC11 resolved to develop practical guidance for some elements of that Standard. A new working group (WG16) was established to develop guidance for records system design and implementation, as records controls and processes should be implemented in a system that can adequately manage records based on the records requirements of the organization.

Previously ISO 16175 parts 1-3 were published between 2010 and 2011 and underwent systematic review in 2016. SC11 decided ISO 16175-2 and ISO 16175-3 should be consolidated to a single document for functional requirements of a system that manages records as a new 16175-1, and the new draft on records system design, implementation, and maintenance should be combined into new 16175-2 as follows:  

ISO 16175 Processes and Functional Requirements for software for managing records

The two cross-reference each other where appropriate and deliver consistent messages on the process and functional requirements of systems that manage records. Also, the two parts cancel and supersede the three parts of ISO 16175 that were published by ISO in 2010-2011.