Who we are

ISO/TC 312 is an international cross-sector expert technical committee consisting of delegations from more than 34 national standardization bodies, out of which 17 are observing members. The committee was established in 2018. Currently, it has established three working groups and two task groups.

What we do

ISO/TC 312 is the ISO Technical Committee for Excellence in Service responsible for the development of international standards on service excellence.

We focus on how to describe concepts, approaches and measures on designing, managing, implementing and measuring excellent services and outstanding customer experiences for all service organizations including the public sector.

The work we do reflects the best practices in service excellence offering a common language and a reliable decision-making framework enabling consistency in this field.

What is Service Excellence?

Excellent service organizations create and add exceptional value to their stakeholders by understanding, satisfying and exceeding their needs and expectations. In order to achieve this it is essential to manage the whole organization around the customer/ stakeholder and the experience offered. Organizations who know and do this will continually be successful, flourish and to stay ahead of competition.


The Service Excellence Pyramid

The Service Excellence pyramid (see the adjoining figure) consists of four levels. Levels 1 and 2, fulfill the promises made to the customers, while Levels 3 and 4, exceed customer expectations by delivering excellent services. The aim of ISO/TC 312, is to develop standards that enable organizations to create outstanding customer experience.


What are the benefits?

The implementation of service excellence based on standards developed by ISO/TC 312 has the potential to generate the following benefits: 

  • Competitive differentiation and improved financial performance through the co-creation of services with the stakeholders
  • Enhanced customer centricity and excellent brand reputation
  • Improved customer preference
  • Customer loyalty and long-term customer relationships(leading to a greater propensity to remain, repurchase and recommend as well as reducing the churn rate)
  • Cost-saving potential in the long term (e.g. lower failure costs, easier sale conversions and reduced advertising expenses for acquiring new customers)
  • An excellent employer brand (leading to improved recruitment opportunities, higher levels of staff engagement and improved employee retention)







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Want to get involved?

Standards committees include experts from both standards and industry. These experts are put forward by ISO's national members. If you want to shape future standards in your field contact your National Member.

Message from the Committee Chairperson – Prof. Dr Matthias Gouthier

As the Technical Committee for Excellence in Service we are keen to share our activities on the development of international standards (IS and TS) on Service Excellence with you. With our work on these standards we strive to guide excellent service organizations worldwide in creating outstanding customer experiences by optimizing relevant customer touchpoints and by providing exceptional value which exceeds the customers’ needs and expectations. The international cross-sector committee of 17 participating and 17 observing members recently got together to not only work on the principles and a model of Service Excellence, but also on measurement and evaluation methods as well as an explicit guideline for the design of excellent services and outstanding customer experiences. Reflecting best practices in Service Excellence, the focus is clearly on delivering a reliable decision making framework which provides benefits in competitive differentiations, long-term customer relationships as well as cost saving potentials to service organizations of all kinds. We want to generate valuable advice for service organizations and lift their services to a new level by achieving customer delight, wherefore we are also grateful for feedback on the details we will provide in future posts. We hope you will follow our work with interest and that you are curious about our approved principles of Service Excellence and the design of outstanding customer experiences.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Gouthier, Chairperson of ISO/TC 312