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ISO 19147:2015

2015-06-09 Geographic information — Transfer Nodes 10



This International Standard specifies the data types and code lists associated with those types for the implementation of transfer nodes and their services in transport modelling and location based services.

This International Standard includes the following:

  • defines transfer nodes in a multimodal way so that the definition is general and valid for all types of transport means and modes;
  • links transfer nodes to a location;
  • focuses on the attributes defining the transfer node in relation to nodes in mode-specific networks;
  • defines the attributes of transfer nodes that are relevant for travel planning and modelling of interoperable transport systems by transport planners;
  • defines a set of services and facilities that may be related to transfer nodes and a way to provide information on accessibility, deviations and restrictions related to these services and facilities.
  • This International Standard is applicable for transport infrastructure owners and operators when defining and/or describing their transport infrastructure and for transport-related Service Providers when providing information to travellers and others.

This International Standard is limited to the transport of persons and is also limited to the static getting on and getting-off points. The main focus is on transfer nodes being part of public transport networks, that are located in road networks, but this International Standard is also applicable for transfer nodes in rail networks and in air and sea transport networks.


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1) To be published. (Revision of ISO/TS 19103:2015)


Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:


Model References:
ISO/TS 19103 Edition 1
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