ISO 19155

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ISO/DIS 19155-1


Geographic information — Place Identifier (PI) architecture —
Part 1: Fundamentals


ISO 19155:2012


Geographic information — Place Identifier (PI) architecture




This International Standard specifies an architecture that defines a reference model with an encoding method for an identifier of a place. The concept of “place” within this International Standard includes “places” not only in the real world but also those in the virtual world. These “places” are identified using either coordinate identifiers, geographic identifiers, or virtual world identifiers such as URI. In this International Standard, an identifier of a place is referred to as a Place Identifier (PI).

The reference model defines a mechanism to match multiple Place Identifiers to the same place. Inaddition, a data structure and set of service interfaces are also defined in this reference model.

This International Standard is applicable to location based services, emergency management services and other application domains that require a common architecture, across specific domains, for the representation of place descriptions using coordinate, geographic, or virtual world identifiers.

This International Standard is not about producing any kind of specific place description, nor about defining a unique, standardized description of defined places, such as an address coding scheme.


Document Normative References:

ISO/TS 19103:2005, Geographic information — Conceptual schema language

ISO 19111:2007, Geographic information — Spatial referencing by coordinates

ISO 19112:2003, Geographic information — Spatial referencing by geographic identifiers

ISO 19136:2007, Geographic information — Geography Markup Language (GML)


Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

ISO 19147:2015 Geographic information — Transfer Nodes

ISO 19155-2:2017 Geographic information — Place Identifier (PI) architecture — Part 2: Place Identifier (PI) linking


Model References:
ISO/TS 19103 Edition 1
ISO 19108 Edition 1
ISO 19111 Edition 2
ISO 19115 Edition 1


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