ISO 19127

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ISO 19127:2019

2019-02-03 Geographic information — Geodetic register 9

ISO/TS 19127:2005

2005-06-23 Geographic information — Geodetic codes and parameters 9

ISO/DTS 19127

2004-11-03 Geographic information — Geodetic codes and parameters 9



This document defines the management and operations of the ISO geodetic register and identifies the data elements, in accordance with ISO 19111:2007 and the core schema within ISO 19135-1:2015, required within the geodetic register.


Document Normative References:

ISO 19111:2007, Geographic information — Spatial referencing by coordinates

ISO 19115-1:2014, Geographic information — Metadata — Part 1: Fundamentals

ISO 19135-1:2015, Geographic information — Procedures for item registration — Part 1: Fundamentals

ISO 19162:2015, Geographic information — Well-known text representation of coordinate reference systems


Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

ISO 6709 Standard representation of geographic point location by coordinates



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