Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Gender equality is a key component of social responsibility, and the empowerment of women and their equality in society is underlined in ISO 26000,Guidance on social responsibility.

This standard aims to eliminate bias and promote parity through recommending that organizations have a balanced mix of men and women in governing structures and management, ensure both sexes are treated equally when it comes to recruitment, career opportunities and pay, and make sure the needs of men and women are given equal consideration in company decisions and activities.

In addition, ISO aims to encourage equal representation in standardization, to strengthen the participation of women in the development of ISO International Standards and to make them more relevant to women around the world.

For this reason, ISO has recently joined the International Gender Champions – a leadership network working to advance gender parity in executive management.


Sergio Mujica

This year’s International Women’s Day comes at a time of an unprecedented global movement for women’s rights and equality. It’s in this context that I would like to announce my commitment to join the @INTGenderChamps.

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Gender equality for a better world.

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