Guidance on ISO 55001

TC251 is in the process of developing guidance articles that clarify and further document specific aspects of the ISO 55000 series of standards. Articles will be published in this section as they become available.

Asset Management or Managing AssetsManaging Assets in the context of Asset Management

This article addresses a simple question: Do you mean Asset Management or Managing Assets? People and organizations have been caring for assets since mankind first invented tools. Over the years we have derived entire disciplines to help define the best ways to care for those assets through their lives and as such we have been Managing Assets for ever. With the advent of the formal discipline of Asset Management some 20 years ago there has been a development of structured approaches to assure stakeholders that those care activities are focused on deriving value for the organization and not just promoting ‘gold-plated’ care arrangements. Available as PDF in: English - Français - Español - Chinese.

Improving AlignmentImproving Alignment between Technical and Financial Management within Organizations

Organizations have a strong focus on financial management whether it be a public sector organization that must demonstrate financial sustainability to its citizenry or a private sector, for-profit organization that must demonstrate profitability. This article highlights the benefits of a strong alignment between technical and financial management. Available as PDF in: English - Chinese.