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TC251 has five main workgroups that are further developing various aspects of the ISO 55000 series of standards.

ISO/TC 251/WG 3 – Communications 

Manages the liaison of TC251 with other ISO and external workgroups that are active in the asset management space. Manages the public communications plan for TC251.
The convener of WG3 is Mr. Boudewijn Neijens, Canada.

ISO/TC 251/WG 4 – Product Improvement

Collects feedback from different stakeholders regarding the ISO 55000 series of standards.
The convener of WG4 is Mr. Jack Dempsey, USA.

ISO/TC 251/WG 5 – Finance

Develops guidance specific to the financial aspects of asset management. In particular, develops ISO/TS 55010 Guidance on alignment of asset management, finance and accounting. 
The convener of WG5 is Mr. Peter Way, Australia.

ISO/TC 251/WG 6 – Revision of ISO 55002

Manages the formal revision of ISO 55002 – has been published in November 2018 as ISO 55002:2018.
The convener of WG6 is Mr. Ton van Wingerden, The Netherlands.

ISO/TC 251/WG 7 – Development of ISO 55011

Manages the development of ISO 55011 - Guidance on the development of government asset management policy.
The convener of WG7 is Mr. Marc Laplante, USA.

ISO 55001 was one of the very first ISO management system standards to follow the new common structure. Read more on this common structure here.

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