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Rhys DaviesMr. Rhys Davies (UK)
Chairman ISO/TC 251


The Secretariat of ISO/TC 251 is provided by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

Charles CorrieMr. Charles Corrie (UK)
Secretary ISO/TC 251


Workgroup conveners:

Boudewijn NeijensMr. Boudewijn Neijens (Canada)
WG3 - Communications


Jack DempseyMr. Jack Dempsey (USA)
WG4 - Product Improvement and Revision of ISO 55000




Johan PaulssonMr. Johan Paulsson (Sweden)
WG5 - Finance



Ton Van WingerdenMr. Martin Kerr (Australia)
WG6 - Revision of ISO 55001




Tiffany BatacMs. Tiffany Batac (USA)
WG7 - Development of ISO 55011



Gao AngMr. Gao Ang (China)
WG8 - Development of ISO 55012




Yang Xiao-fengMr. Yang Xiao-feng (China)
WG9 - Development of ISO 55013

Delegations from more than 35 national standardization bodies contributed to the work of TC 251 and many stakeholders from various asset management institutes, councils, and associations continue to participate today. Contacts for the national standard bodies can be found here.