ISO 19167

Working Group 10 
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ISO/TR 19167:2019

2019-12-18 Application of ubiquitous public access
to-geographic information to an air quality information service

ISO/NP TR 19167

The Application of “Ubiquitous Public
Access—to—Geographic Information” for Air Quality Information



This document facilitates an understanding of the Ubiquitous Public Access (UPA) context information model, as defined in ISO 19154, to establish a UPA-to-Geographic Information (GI) environment. In addition, this document illustrates how the UPA context information model is designed and implemented to provide an air quality information service from a geographic information system (GIS)-based air quality information system. The UPA context information model for air quality information is only a sample of all possible examples to realize the UPA-to-GI that could satisfy the requirements of ISO 19154.


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ISO 19154 Edition 1


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