ISO 19163-1

Working Group 6 
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ISO/TS 19163-1:2016

2016-01-07 Geographic information — Content components
and encoding rules for imagery and gridded data —
Part 1: Content model



This Technical Specification classifies imagery and regularly spaced gridded thematic data into types based on attribute property, sensor type and spatial property, and defines an encoding-neutral content model for the required components for each type of data. It also specifies logical data structures and the rules for encoding the content components in the structures.

The binding between the content and a specific encoding format will be defined in the subsequent parts of ISO 19163.

This Technical Specification does not address LiDAR, SONAR data and ungeoreferenced gridded data.

The logical data structures and the rules for encoding the content components will be addressed in the subsequent parts of ISO 19163.


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Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

ISO/TS 19163-2:2020 Geographic information — Content components and encoding rules for imagery and gridded data — Part 2: Implementation schema



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