Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

A Joint Working group between TC46/SC11 and TC308 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies was created to explore connections in the two domains.

The first aim is to produce a Technical Report describing the "state of the art".  The publication is expected by April 2022

The document analyses challenges, considerations, and potential benefits of blockchain and DLT in relation to records management standards and related standards for systems that:Blockchain

  1.  create records that are required to be authoritative records,
  2.  can be used as records systems, or
  3.  can be used for records management, including records controls.

The target audience of this document includes records managers and allied professionals; IT professionals and application developers; legal and compliance professionals; researchers; educators; and other interested parties.

Steffen Schwalm
Steffen Schwalm
Co-Convenor JWG1, Blockchain and records management


Geoffrey Goodell
Geoffrey Goodell
Co-Convenor JWG 1, Blockchain and records management


Victoria Lemeiux
Victoria Lemeiux
Co-Project leader of JWG1, Blockchain and records management