ISO 25550 - Ageing societies -- General requirements and guidelines for an age-inclusive workforce


This document provides guidelines to achieve an age-inclusive workforce, which has the potential of adding value for organizations, workers, communities and other stakeholders. The document enables organizations and other stakeholders to develop, implement, maintain and support an age-inclusive workforce. It provides opportunities for older workers, working internal or external to the organization, to be productive.

All recommendations in the document are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size and product/service provided. This includes their governance bodies, leaders, workforce and their recognized representatives, and other stakeholders. Each organization determines how to apply this document in their own context, organizational size, level of maturity in relation to age-inclusive workforce and priority areas. 

The convenor of this work item gave an interview recently which you can listen to here.


  Sabrina Pit acted as the convenor of WG 1

  Patrick Harkness acted as the secretary of WG 1


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