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As a result of increased life expectancy, aged societies have emerged in many countries. In addition, developing countries and regions with rapid economic growth will be subject to increases to their ageing population over the next few decades. 

Whilst the increased ageing of society presents a number of challenges, such as increased pressure on health and social services, there are likely to be opportunities that will allow people to effectively manage their long term care, and live a high quality of life independently from institutionalized care nursing homes and hospitals for a sustained period. If there is to be a move away from traditional models of supporting our ageing societies, then innovation will be needed to drive changes. Standards could provide a way of setting out the principles for delivering the new products, services and solutions that will meet the future needs of our ageing societies in a new environment. 

In order to starting developing standards in this area seven overall categories were initially identified: 

  • Community Care Service/In-home 
  • Technology - Enabling & Assisting 
  • Care Giving 
  • Integrated Information Management 
  • Future Planning 
  • Enabling Communities 
  • Building Standards

To find out more about the strategic direction of the committee, please review our strategic business plan here

If you are curious about the recent progress made within ISO/TC 314, please watch our latest conference presentation which was recorded in November 2021:


ISO/TC 314 was establish in December 2017 and has since had 9 plenary meetings. In this strategically important time we urge more experts become involved and support the development of standards. On the contact page you can reach out to gain more information. 
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