Currently this ISO committee is at a very early stage of developments of 2 new projects:

  • ISO 25554 -  Ageing Societies-- Guidelines for Promoting Wellbeing in Local Communities and Organizations
  • ISO TR 25555 - Ageing society — Accessibility and usability considerations for home-based healthcare products, related services and environments

The strategic direction for the TC is constantly evolving, however, some of the below topics are likely covered in the future:

  • Dementia
  • Ageing workforce
  • Health promotion and preventative care in older age
  • Social connectedness
  • Multi-generational communities
  • Universal design standards
  • Accessibility standards
  • Technologies and systems for an ageing society

Some aspects of interest might be covered by other technical committees within ISO/IEC/CEN. We have gathered a list of standards in the area of human-centered design for your information.

The chair of the technical committee recently gave an interview which you can listen to here.