Working Group 2 – Design of Excellent Services

Project under development: ISO/AWI 7179 -'Service excellence- Practices for achieving service excellence'

Status and key deliverables:

This document provides practices for achieving service excellence. This document can be used when applying ISO 23592 and ISO/TS 24082.

WG 2 has compiled practices that meet some of the four dimensions and nine elements in the service excellence model based on the discussion in WG 2.  This document enables all stakeholders to understand how to apply ISO 23592 and ISO/TS 24082 through various case studies of highly acclaimed organizations from 8 organizations in four countries.

ISO/TC 312 has started the final consultation for comments. The result of consultation will be discussed at the WG 2 meeting held on November 19th,2022 for finalizing the document.


Convenor: Prof. Satoko Tsuru
Project Leader: Dr. Tasunori Hara
Secretary:   Mr. Tomoyuki Endo

Secretariat: JISC (Japan)


Working Group 4 –Public Service Excellence


Project under development: ISO/NP 11367I -' Service excellence — Principles and model for public service organizations'

Status and key deliverables:

This document specifies the service excellence terminology, principles and model so that public organizations that deliver services could provide outstanding experience to their key stakeholders. These can be the society (the citizens) they serve as well as other partner organizations they interact with for the purpose of delivering the excellent service. This document can be used when applying ISO 23592 and ISO/TS 24082 in Public Organisations.

It covers all the four dimensions and nine elements of the service excellence model described in our basic standard ISO 23592:2021.

The project is at its initial stages and is currently being developed as a Committee Working Draft.


Convenor: Mr. George Ioannou
Project Leader: Mr. George Ioannou
Secretary:   Mrs Pelin Düzyurt

Secretariat: DIN

Task Group 1 – Communications

Current status and key deliverables:

This task group is involved with the development of the communication material as well as the messages to the user community. The group has analyzed the external environment and developed early on a Stakeholder Analysis as well as the Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

The Stakeholder Engagement Plan is currently being revised in order to include the necessary engagement of  the TC 312 Stakeholders in order to maximise the reach of our two standards that were recently published, namely ISO 23595 'Service Excellence - Principles and Model' and ISO TS 24082 - 'Service Excellence - Design of Excellent Services to Achieve Outstanding Customer Experiences'.

It has also prepared the ISO/TC312  Briefing notes and is currently engaged with the management of the ISO/TC 312 website by developing the necessary content in collaboration with the other ISO/TC 312  Working Groups, the Committee Secretariat and the TMB.


Convenor: George  Ioannou (CYS)


Task Group 2 – Business Plan

Current status and key deliverables:

This task group is responsible for developing, publishing and continually refining the strategic business plan of ISO/TC 312.


Convenor: Prof  Matthias Gouthier