Presentations from the 2010 workshop in Canberra

Why is metadata important to ANZLIC and government? - Liz Marchant, Executive Director, ANZLIC — the Spatial Information Council

INSPIRE - Simon Cox, Research Scientist, CSIRO Earth Science & Resource Engineering, CSIRO Land & Water

OGC - Carl Reed, Chief Technology Officer, Open Geospatial Consortium

Collaborative Modelling for Interoperability Standards - Ben Constable, Chief Operating Officer, Sparx Systems

Spatial Information Services Stack - Ryan Fraser, Project Leader, CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship

Implementing the ANZLIC Metadata Profile - John Weaver, Manager, Office of Spatial Data Management

CRCSI - Liz Marchant, Executive Director, ANZLIC—the Spatial Information Council and Peter Mosley, Senior Project Officer, Department of Sustainability and Environment (Victoria)

Findings from the New Zealand Geographic Board’s Gazetteer Project - Stephen Desmond, Information Architect, Land Information New Zealand

National Gazetteer of Australia - John Weaver, Manager, Office of Spatial Data Management

National Address Management Framework - Jo Abhayaratna, Group Manager & Enterprise Architect, PSMA Australia Limited

Bureau of Meteorology programs using open standards - Bruce Bannerman & Bob Wilson, Bureau of Meteorology

Presentations from the 2010 Tutorial workshop in Canberra

The harmonized model; maintaining the master model and version control - John Herring
What the Harmonized Model is
The Specification Model Standard for Modular specification

Collaborative Modeling Best Practices for Distributed Team - Ben Constable

Harmonization and consistency in ISO/TC 211 standards - Serena Coetzee

Terminology - Andrew Jones

XML Maintenance Group - Jean Brodeur