Standards in Colombia

Standards in Colombia

By Carlos Alberto Zapata


The Colombian national standards body ICONTEC, working in coordination with Archivo General de la Nación and other organizations in the public and private sectors, has established several national technical committees dedicated to review, study, adapt and harmonize international standards on records and document management. National versions of standards such as ISO 15489, ISO 30300, ISO 14533-1, ISO 16175-1, among others have been produced. The result of this work is available at:

In the past 4 years, Colombia is the Latin American country with major advances in developing legal and technical regulations related to records and archives management. In addition to the adoption of ISO international standards Colombia has developed a legal framework which mandates public organizations to formulate, develop and implement records management plans and projects including electronic records and digital preservation. Also, the Archivo General de la Nación with the support of the Ministry of Information Technology, has been working on developing a maturity model for electronic record management to be included in models for e-government.

To facilitate the use of standards together with national law, ICONTEC and Archivo Genral de la Nación, have developed guides and manuals useful for public bodies and private companies. All of them are available to any interested person or entity: