Promotion of standards in Sweden

Promotion of standards in Sweden

By Anki Steen


The SIS (Swedish Standard Institute) National Technical Committe on records management has organized/participated in several promotional events during 2017. Events were focus in presenting news in records/archives management standarization as the new edition of ISO 15489:2016. Records management: Concepts and principles and adoption and traslation to Swedish of the ISO 14721:2012 Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model

On March 8 Anki Steen from the Swedish TC held a presentation on how records, information and archives management have grown in Sweden. The title was “Development of information management in Sweden from 1970 til now” and the presentation included SC 11 standards and the new 15489 in particular.


On March 28 the Swedish TC held a release party at Stockholm City Archives launching the translation of OAIS into Swedish and presented the new 15489. The party was well attended and included live jazz music and an art performance consisting of a live VJ:ing combining words and photos connected to SC 11 standards and Stockholm history. Drinks and snacks were served. The event was sponsored by the City of Stockholm, SIS and the consulting companies Ida Infront and ArkivIT


Apart from the promotional events a translation of 15489-1:2016 into Swedish is planned during the Autumn.