ISO 30301:2019. Management System for Records new edition!!

ISO 30301:2019. Management System for Records new edition!!

By Carlota Bustelo


This February 2019 the new version of ISO 30301 has been published. This new versión is fully alligned with the core text and definitions of other Management System Standards. The operational section is organized following structure and guidelines of ISO 15489 (2016) Records Management. Concepts and principles

ISO 30301(2011) is  a Type A Management System Standard (MSS).  Since 2012, the ISO MSS Type A standards must follow the structure, core text and definitions known as “High Level Structure - HLS” published in Annex SL of ISO/IEC Directives Part 1 and Consolidated ISO Supplement. This mandate applies for all new MSS and will be incorporated into the revision of all existing MSS's. ISO 30301 was drafted at the same time as the HLS, and is recognized as one of the early adopters. However after its publication in 2011 some changes, mainly in wording, were introduce in the HLS. In this second edition all texts and definitions are revised against the HLS.      

Specific requirements for the Management System for Records (MSR) are mainly in clause 8 Operation and the normative Annex A. Now they are  linked to the structure and guidelines of the 2016 edition of ISO 15489 Records Management. Concepts and principles.

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