France: AFNOR/ CN  46 Annual conference on information governance and data quality

France: AFNOR/ CN 46 Annual conference on information governance and data quality

By Marianne Aptel and Charlotte Maday


After a successful SC 11 meeting in Pretoria, AFNOR/CN 46, the French mirror committee of ISO/TC 46, organized in France its annual conference at the French National Library, this year on the subject of information governance and data quality. 

Through different sessions presented by members from AFNOR/CN 46 subcommittees, the conference aimed to give an answer to information governance issues such as maintaining an efficient quality of service to users and at the same time ensuring information security.



Members of CN46-11, the French mirror committee of ISO/TC 46/SC 11, were invited to expose SC 11 work on records management products, specially ISO 23081. A special session was dedicated to explain and promote the work on a whitepaper published alongside this metadata standard.

Born from the observation that there was no standard that describes a minimum viable set of metadata that accompany a record all its lifecycle, the whitepaper, based on a collective work by AFNOR and the French association of Archivists (AAF), compares several sets of records management metadata to establish common patterns in order to define a minimal set of records management metadata.

This contribution from CN46-11 is comprehensible within the framework of ensuring and bettering data quality and an efficient records management through time and space.

Other contributions from CN46-11 members explained data quality and information governance with tangible examples from the European commission, or projects where SC 11 products were of use in great information governance and information quality projects.

At national level, the chairmanship of CN46-11 has been transmitted this year from Sylvie Dessolin to Marianne Aptel and Charlotte Maday 

Marianne and Charlotte represents the French Association of Archivists in this subcommittee.

CN46-11 thanks Sylvie for her great dedication and active promotion to standardization.