Presentations from the Shared Concepts Workshop: “Achieving a shared understanding of concepts”


View first day of workshop (2h 42min). 

Concepts - How to describe and harmonize them (Danish experiences)
Anna Odgaard Ingram and Maya Borges, Agency for Digitisation
Dorthe Nordentoft, Jan Hjelmager and Heidi Vanparys, Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency

ISO/TC 211 Terminology Maintenance and the Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms
Reese Plews, ISO/TC 211 TMG Convenor 

SKOS-structured referencing between a domain thesaurus, international standards, and large controlled vocabularies – The case of CaLAThe
Erik Stubkjær, Aalborg University, Denmark

ISO SMART and Terminology
Ronald Tse, Ribose

A Case of Developing Community Terminology and Concept for Reporting Dataset Quality Information
Ge Peng, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, AL, USA

NATO Terminology Programme
Folkert Zijlstra, NATO Terminology Office

Is an upper-level ontology useful?
Peter Winstanley, Sematic Arts UK Ltd


View second day of workshop (2h 39min).

FAIR enough - discovery of interoperability specifications in the inconsistent, complex, overlapping and evolving "real world"
Rob Atkinson, Open Geospatial Consortium

Divided by a common language: Bridging the gap between the ideal world of geoinformatics and the messy realities of geodesy
Thomas Knudsen,  Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency

Towards creating concept systems for system domains — Reminding some IEC SRG ideas
Alexander Samarin, IEC SyC Smart Cities WG3 “Reference architecture” convenor

Create and Maintain glossaries for your project
Ankita Tripathi, Technical Writer

Importance of shared vocabularies in deriving geographic data of varying levels of detail
Jagadish Boodala, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Terminology for the South African Spatial Data Infrastructure
Antony K Cooper, CSIR

Closing remarks
Reese Plews, ISO/TC 211 TMG Convenor