Presentations from the 2005 workshop in Montreal

Welcome -  Professor Hans Knoop, Co-Chair, ISO/TC 211 Advisory Group on Outreach

GeoConnection Distributed Data Standards and the Renewed GeoConnection Program - Mr. Craig Stewart, GeoConnection Secretariat
Canada launched the GeoConnections program in 1999 to build and administer Canada's Spatial Data Infrastructure. In March 2005, the program was renewed for another five years with an emphasis on applying the infrastructure to meet the needs of decision-makers addressing public safety, public health, environment/sustainable development and aboriginal issues. GeoConnections aims to share data through distributed infrastructure from its closest point to source. This focus will place increasing emphasis on developing standards for a wider range of thematic data.

GeoBase, Building on Common Ground - Mr. Francois Paquette, Natural Resources Canada 
GeoBase is a Canadian initiative build on partnerships, innovative technology, and international standards for geospatial data access at no cost to users.

Standards Based Commercial GIS Portal Solutions - Mr. Chris North, ESRI Canada 
In this presentation, Chris North Director of Technology and Client Support will introduce ESRI Canada’s approach to developing GIS Portals. He will describe how GIS portals can be implemented by governments and organization tapping into a growing global network of geographic data and web services. Several examples of GIS Portal Implementations based on ESRI technology will be presented. ESRI’s GIS Portal software toolkit supports the implementation of one-stop Internet web sites for the discovery, transmission and use of geographic data and mapping services. ESRI has built it’s solutions based on open and interoperable standards, which will be highlighted throughout this presentation.

Standards in Action: Industry Update - Mr. Trevor Taylor, PCI Geomatics 
The Geomatics Industry continues to aggressively implement standards based technologies, in cooperation with Government and Education, in the interests of reducing the delay in time of processing and delivering geospatial information to decision makers. This presentation focuses on a case study based disaster management in general, and the December 2004 Tsunami, in specific.

Towards a better adoption of ISO/TC 211 standards: Courses on international standards in Geomatics - Dr. Thierry Badard, Laval University 
This presentation details an ongoing project of courses on international standards in Geomatics offered by the department of geomatic sciences at Laval University in Quebec City. As an example, the ISO/TC 211 tutorial ( /YvanBedard/english/sept_ISO.asp) held in conjunction with the 21st Plenary has been organised by the project. Context, purposes and partners of the project will be presented. The structure and content of courses will also be detailed.

Geoinformation in Saudi Arabia - Mr. Muhamad AlRajhi, Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affaire 
Since 1976 the Surveying and Mapping department of MOMRA is serving the Kingdom and its Citizens with the highest engineering and geomatics services. Several thousand of square kilometres of large scale maps have been produced since then and in 2004 MOMRA recognised the department as the General Directorate for Surveying and Mapping (GDSM).

Land Cover Classification System (LCCS) - Update and Demo - Dr. Antonio Di Gregorio