Presentations from the 2005 workshop in Stockholm

GEOINT Interoperability Demonstration: A Standards Based GEOINT Services Demonstration - John Moeller, Todd Pehle

This presentation will show how over 30 companies of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation have worked together in an interoperable services framework to demonstrate technologies and capabilities which provide global access to information and rapid response to meet today's challenges. The Demonstration shows how progress in standards development by organizations such as ISO TC211, OGC, and National Standards Committees along with interoperability investments by government agencies and corporations, enable the fusion of tradecraft, data, technology and policy into accurate, timely and reliable geospatial information.

ISO 19115 as the metadata standard for Statistics South Africa - Antony Cooper

This presentation provides a brief background to the metadata situation in Statistics South Africa (Stats SA). It gives a summary of the investigation conducted into different metadata standards as well as the assessment that was done of these standards.

Standards Activities in IEEE's Geosciences and Remote Sensing Society (GRS-S) - Dr. Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa

This presentation describes the efforts of the GRS-S to involve and represent its diverse, largely academic membership in geospatial standards activities. It will also briefly describe the world-renowned standards development program of IEEE's Standards Association.

Metadata for Riyadh , Saudi Arabia - Sultan Alsayyar and Adel Alfassam

The presentation will show the effort done by ArRiyadh Development Authority ( planning organization for the capital city of of Saudi Arabia "ArRiyadh") to use the Metadata standards for the Unified Base Map for ArRiyadh
Basemap Demo

Applying a metadata standard for international weather information - Dr. Steve Foreman

The World Meteorological Organisation is defining a Core Metadata Profile for use within the meteorological community. In order to represent fundamental aspects of meteorological information it was necessary to extend some of the concepts of the Standard; the talk discusses the issues.

ISO GML Demonstration - Mr. Ron Lake