Presentations from the 2003 Tutorial workshop in Berlin

Geographic information - Metadata - Interoperability, International Standards, & ISO TC 211 - Mr. Dave Danko, ESRI, Washington DC

Geographic Information - Geography markup language GML - Mr. Clemens Portele, Interactive Instruments, Bonn

Web Mapping Server Interface and the Web - Mr. Vincent Dessard, IONIC Software, Liege

Geographic Information - Imagery and gridded data - Mr. Wolfgang Kresse, University of Neubrandenburg

Geographic Information - Data Quality - Mr. Gerhard Joos, University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Presentations from the 2003 Standard in Actions workshop in Berlin

GIS in Local Government of Berlin - Mr. Friedrich Rokahr, Germany

ISO 19100 Series Standards in a Model Drive Architecture for Landmanagement Applicaitons on ESRI ArcGIS - Mr. Jürgen Ebbinghaus, AED-SICAD, Munich

The Environmental Data Catalogue of Germany and Austria (UDK) - Mr. Fred Kruse, Ministry of Environment, Hannover

Implementing Strategy for the Infrastructure for Spatial Inform Europe - INSPIRE - Mr. Paul Smits, ESDI-JRS, Ispra

Applying ISO/TC 211 standards to the Development of Standards through Geospatial One - Stop - Ms. Julie Binder Maitra, FGDC, Washington

New Literature on Geographic Information - Ms. Kian Fadaie, Minitry of Agriculture, Ottawa and Mr. Wolfgang Kresse, University of Neubrandenburg

PCI Geomatics: Standards development and implementation - note that this presentation was not given in Berlin, due to lack of time. - Ms. Kian Fadaie, Minitry of Agriculture, Ottawa

Presentations from the 2003 Seminar in Berlin

ISO/TC 211 and Qualifications and Certification of Personnel - Technical Report 19122 - Professor Dr. Hans Knoop, Germany, Co-chair AG Outreach 

Standards - their Relevance to Surveyors and FIG's Response - Mr. Iain Greenway, FIG

LCCS : An Approach to the Global Harmonisation of Land Cover - Dr. John S. Latham and Mr. Antonio Di Gregorio, FAO

International Civil Aviation Organisation and ISO/TC 211 - Mr. Aleksandar Pavlovic, ICAO