Presentations from the 2002 workshop in Bangkok

Experiment of spatial data exchange - Mr. Yuuki Saijyo, Japan
This presentation gives the overview of the spatial data exchange experiment based on ISO 19100 series of standards.

Implementation of standards in the infrastructure for spatial information in Europe (INSPIRE) - Mr. Olaf Østensen, Europe.

GIS standard from Local Thai Government Perspective: A Case of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration - Dr. Peerapong Sirikasem, Dr. Phisan Santitamnont, Thailand.
Standardized GIS using Open Source Software - Dr. Peerapong Sirikasem, Dr. Phisan Santitamnont, Thailand.
Development toward International Standards of GIS industry in Thailand. Describing efforts of Thailand toward International Standards in utility, facility and environment management.

Coverage Geometry and Metadata implementations - Mr. Jeff Stockhausen, Canada
The presentation describes how ISO and IHO standards are being implemented commercially in Helical Systems software (implementation of ISO 19123 as SDS (Self Defining Structure) in the core file architecture, and the encapsulation of ISO 19115 Metadata standard into the header).

Swedish adaptation of ISO 19113, Quality principles - Mr. Erik Stenborg, Sweden
Sweden has chosen not to translate the standard. Instead, a sort of handbook has been compiled, explaining how the standard works and assisting in the practical use for Swedish circumstances.

Actual NSDI activities in Switzerland based on ISO19100 standards - Mr. H.R. Gnägi, Mr. Sascha Brawer, Mr. Claude Eisenhut, Switzerland
Technique (Metadata, addresses, roads, CSL) and organisation (GI coordination in the administration, national platform geo-standards)

The Swiss experiences shall be reported of the most actual techni-cal applications of the model based method accoording to principles of ISO19100: Profiling ISO19115 by integrating different Swiss me-tadata catalogues, standardizing located addresses, completing the CSL definition INTERLIS 2.1 based on implementation and tests.

OGC Services Architecture and ISO 19119 - Mr. George Percivall, USA
ISO 19119 Geographic Information - Services has been developed jointly with activities in the Services Architecture SIG of the OpenGIS Consortium. OGC has adopted ISO CD 19119 as Topic 12 "System Architecture" of the OpenGIS Abstract Specification. The Web Mapping Testbed activities have provided implementation experience in the development of ISO 19119.