Presentations from the 2001 workshop in Lisbon

Standards in Action: A Canadian Experience - Dr. Kian Fadaie, Mr. Henry Kucera, Mr. Michael Panyszak

Developing South African standards based on SO 19100 - Dr. Liz Gavin

Bringing home ISO 19100 - Ms. Elmi Noppe

Using ISO 19110 as the basis for the South African Standard Feature Catalogue - Mr. Antony Cooper

The German ALKIS-ATKIS project - Dr. Erhard Proß 

ALKIS-ATKIS modelling using ISO standards - Mr. Clemens Portele 

Spatial data exchange experiment - Mr. Murao Yoshiaki 

Spatial data development experiment - Mr. Ishiyama Noburo

Australia's National Cadastral Data Model and ISO 19110 - Mr. Andrew Jones

Implementation of ISO 19115 in Australia - Mr. Craig Macauley

DECART - Quality measurement tools -Dr. João Luis Gustavo de Matos, Dr. A. Goncalves, Eng. R. Sousa, Eng. J. Martins

Applying and testing ISO/TC211 standardization principles in landmanagement and infrastructure services - Mr. Juerg Kaufmann, Mr. Rolf Buser, Mr. C. Staerkle, Mr. Hans-Rudolf Gnägi

Geographic Information Standardization in China - Professor Jiang Jingtong

US Federal Geographic Data Committee ISO 19115 Harmonization Activities - Mr. Richard Pearsall

Web Mapping Server Interface and GeoServices - Mr. Vincent Dessard

Joint Nordic test project of ISO 19100 - Ms. Kristina Essen

Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding - Mr. Morten Borrebæk

National standards of Russia for the digital topographic maps, as profiles of ISO/TC 211 standards - Dr. Raissa Iakovleva