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ISO 19106:2004

2004-06-28 Geographic information — Profiles -
ISO 15046-6 Cancelled Geographic information — Profiles -



This International Standard is intended to define the concept of a profile of the ISO geographic information standards developed by ISO/TC 211 and to provide guidance for the creation of such profiles. Only those components of specifications that meet the definition of a profile contained herein can be established and managed through the mechanisms described in this International Standard. These profiles can be standardized internationally using the ISO standardization process. This document also provides guidance for establishing, managing, and standardizing at the national level (or in some other forum).


Document Normative References:

ISO 19101:2002, Geographic information — Reference model

ISO 19105:2000, Geographic information — Conformance and testing

ISO/IEC TR 10000-1:1998, Information technology — Framework and taxonomy of International Standardized Profiles — Part 1: General principles and documentation framework

NOTE 1 ISO/IEC TR 10000-1:1998 describes the methodology for profiles used in ISO/IEC JTC 1. Much of this Technical Report is applicable to the work in ISO/TC 211 and sections of this document have been adapted to apply to the requirements of ISO/TC 211 under the context of the ISO/IEC Directives.

NOTE 2 ISO/IEC TR 10000-1:1998 has a special status in ISO and may be referenced normatively, even though it is a Technical Report.

ISO/IEC TR 10000-3:1998, Information technology — Framework and taxonomy of International Standardized Profiles — Part 3: Principles and Taxonomy for Open System Environment Profiles

ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2: Rules for the structure and drafting of International Standards


Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

ISO 19115-1:2014 Geographic information — Metadata — Part 1: Fundamentals

ISO/TR 19121:2000 Geographic information — Imagery and gridded data


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