ISO/TC 184 develops standards that specify structural connections between component parts, both physical and logical, to enhance interoperation by fully integrating automation applications. By providing opportunities for these architectural connections through specifications for modelling paradigms and descriptive templates, interoperating process descriptions enhance the utility of integrated automation systems. In addition, ISO/TC 184 specifies key performance indicators within and cross enterprises to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, which provides the feedback necessary to enable continuous process improvement and resource utilization. ISO/TC 184 also specifies mechanisms to accomplish these improvements throughout the life history of a system or enterprise by specifying emerging technologies to address servitization with value adding services related to automation systems, service composition with standardized interfaces for structure and behavior selection, orchestration to codify best practice, and choreography to assure the fitness for purpose of the integrated system or enterprise during interoperation of the  architectural components.


In order to maximize the efficiency ISO/TC 184 work has been sub-divided into the following organizational structure of Sub-committees. For a list ISO/TC 184 directly published standards visit the "Published Standards" page of this site. In order to review the standards published by ISO/TC 184's sub-committees visit the below links. 


ISO TC 184/ SC 1

  • Name: Physical device control
  • Chairperson (until end of 2023): Manfred Böhm
  • Website/Published Standards:
  • Description: SC 1 is dedicated to the development of standards supporting physical data control.


ISO TC 184/ SC 4

  • Name: Modelling of industrial, technical and scientific data to support electronic communication and commerce
  • Chairperson (until end of 2023): Kenneth A. Swope
  • Website/Published Standards:
  • Description: SC 4 is dedicated to the development of standards supporting industrial data.
  • Scope: Standardization of the content, meaning, structure, representation and quality management of the information required to define an engineered product and its characteristics at any required level of detail at any part of its lifecycle from conception through disposal, together with the interfaces required to deliver and collect the information necessary to support any business or technical process or service related to that engineered product during its lifecycle.


ISO TC 184/ SC 5

  • Name: Modelling of enterprise architecture, communications, resources, processes and applications to support manufacturing system integration and application integration frameworks.
  • Chairperson (until end of 2023): Charlotta Johnsson
  • Website/Published Standards:
  • Description: SC 5 is dedicated to the development of standards supporting interoperability, integration, and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications.